4 Fundamental Rules to follow to maintain good Oral Health

Published On October 21, 2016 | By Arag Woody | Oral Health

Your teeth deserve your attention just the way your heart does. In this case, Ignorance is not bliss and can be a reason of huge trouble in upcoming days. However, it can be avoided easily. You just need to make some minor adjustments and have to be aware of simple things like these five fundamental points mentioned in this article. Follow the tips and ensure healthy teeth and gum today.

Pay for a good toothbrush

For regular care of your teeth, invest in the right toothbrush. A brush with soft bristles is ideal for your dental health. If you are following the right technique, it will last two to three months. If you find a round bristles on your brush, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Anyway, even if it’s not bent, but still hurting your gums, change the thing immediately.

Your teeth don’t like sweets

Sugar affects your oral health in the worst possible way. Whenever you are having those sweet candies, sweetened coffee, or ice cream, it is initiating a acid production process inside your mouth that causes plaque which eat away the enamel and gums gradually. The bacteria attack is another things fueled by sugar coating that ruins your white set of teeth. To avoid the tooth decay cut down the consumptions of sweets and make sure you are brushing your teeth after every meal.


Don’t skip the appointments with the dentist

Ditching your dentist won’t help you in the long run. A lot of people around the world tend to skip the visit to a dental clinic because dental phobia. Some of them would just give it a miss out of ignorance. Number of people think they don’t need to pay a visit until there is a serious issue with their gum or teeth, however, reality is just the opposite. It is highly recommended that you consult your Dr St-Onge twice a year to detect if there is a chance of gum disease, trauma, decay or cancer at an early stage.

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Say NO to soda

Make a note, soda is so bad for our oral health. The basic ingredients of soda cause decay of your dental structure. A can of soda a day weakens your tooth enamel, thus making it more susceptible to cavities. However, occasional consumption of soda is allowed.

So, following these rules you can maintain your oral health and protect your teeth.

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