Boosting Testosterone: Did You Know You Can Do It Naturally?

Published On September 5, 2016 | By Arag Woody | Health

Testosterone is a hormone which regulates the sex organs, bone loss, metabolism and other bodily functions. Although it impacts mainly men, both sexes can have low testosterone. Research shows that lifestyle choices can affect a person`s testosterone level. Sleep, obesity, stress and exercise can impact hormone levels. But there are natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

Managing Nutrition and Diet

  • Talk to your doctor for an annual physical checkup. You have to ask your doctor a detailed analysis of your weight. When you are obese or overweight, this could have caused your testosterone level decline. Obese people tend to secrete more aromatase which works to convert testosterone to estrogen. The metabolism continues to decrease as the body produces aromatase which makes the problem worse. Let your doctor help you create a weight loss plan. Your doctor may recommend injections of testosterone depending upon your testosterone level.
  • Stay away from prepared, packaged and processed foods. Obesity and increased weight can result in low testosterone levels. Making changes to your dietary patterns can surely make a huge difference to your testosterone levels and to the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
  • Consume Foods that are close to their natural state. Consuming whole foods involves cutting out extra sugars, hydrogenated and trans fats a well as preservatives. Focus on integrating more fish and quality meat, more vegetables and fruits and more seeds and nuts. Avoid processed foods like beans, lentils, dairy and grains.
  • Drink plenty of water- Plenty of water is necessary to a healthy diet. Apart from dehydrating you, water is capable of stopping you from feeling hungry.

Exercising on a Regular Basis

  • Begin a strength-training route-In case you have not lifted weights, used weight machines or used resistance bands before, hire a physical therapist or personal trainer to teach the right procedure and form.
  • Use free weights or weight machines two to three times every week. For men, pick weights which tire the muscles after just five repetitions. Perform three sets. You can feel muscle fatigue following a weight training workout. Let your muscles rest for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Perform cardio-interval training- Start performing cardio exercise for a maximum of thirty minutes five times every week. With interval training, you need to warm up, workout intensely or sprint for a short period and work out at a moderate resting pace for longer interval like two to four minutes. These sets must be repeated for about thirty minutes and include warm up and cool down.

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