Five Ideas when Creating a Diet Plan that Clients will Stick To

Published On October 11, 2017 | By Arag Woody | Diet Food

Personal trainers may be asked to make a diet plan for their clients, especially if their main fitness goal is losing weight. If you have taken those personal trainer courses out there, you have surely known the possibility. Getting a client to stick to a diet plan is not easy to personal trainers must come up with a plan that most clients will embrace. Here are ideas you can consider when creating a diet plan for clients. These ideas are meant for light weight loss and general health. In case you clients are way beyond obese, you will need to come up with a highly-specialized meals made for them through the help of a certified nutritionist or dietician.

Get the Clients Cut Back on Sugar and Sweets

Many unhealthy foods contain high amounts of sugar that makes a person feel satisfied in the short term.  Cutting back on sugar and sweets is not easy for most people. However, personal trainers can ask their clients to add healthy things to their diet which taste sweet and nice. Sliced fruits such as raspberries and strawberries are great as desserts after dinner. Eliminating unhealthy desserts in the equation will reduce daily calorie intake.

Clients must also be encouraged to consume oranges and apples during the day. Apples can satisfy their sugar cravings. Also, they contain other substances such as fiber. Therefore, clients will more nourished and fuller after consuming an apple than they will when they consume a slice of cake.

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Let Clients Take Proteins for Breakfast

The majority of breakfast foods don’t have protein; however, suggesting to your clients to eat 10 to 20 grams of protein in their breakfast will make them feel full. Therefore, they won’t be thinking about snacking on junk foods the entire morning.

To meet the protein requirements, clients can consume 2-3 eggs, a scoop of protein mixed in water or a protein bar. Get the clients to consume a high-protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up before hunger starts.

Remember Balance for Main Meals

Satisfaction is an important consideration in terms of making a diet plan for clients. To achieve this, dinner has to be balanced and include rich sources of carbs, protein and vitamin-rich vegetables. A personal trainer’s balanced meal plans will satisfy his clients’ cravings which will also mean satisfaction to the program. And because they are satisfied, the clients will not consult with a different personal trainer.

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Include Easy to Prepare Meals

A lot of clients are busy with their lives and may not have the time to cook elaborate meals or shop for exotic ingredients. Because of lifestyle, many people become obese as they turn to fast food and ready-meals they can just heat up in the microwave. Clients are more likely to eat those meals in the diet plan and stick to the plan when it is easy and quick to prepare. Also, the ingredients must be obtained easily.

Consider Diversity

The most common reason clients don’t stick to a diet plan is the lack of diversity in what they eat. Nobody wants to eat the same thing every day so mix things up. Ensure no the same two meals will appear in the diet plan two days in a row. Make a list of meals and let clients decide the days of the week they want to have those meals.


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