Forms of Dyslexia and a wholesome treatment approach

Published On January 4, 2016 | By Arag Woody | Health

The learning problem or disorder “Dyslexia” has found its way in various books, movies and literature, due to the growing consciousness about it. In recent times there have been a number of researchers who have actively followed this disease and have promoted awareness so as to reduce the number of misunderstandingsrelated to this subject.

The awareness of Dyslexia

It is important for all to understand that the problem of Dyslexia is a neurological problem and has to be medically treated. This learning disorder comes in three ways and the first one is problems relating to reading which is specifically known as dyslexia, then comes problems with writing and spelling which is known as dysorthographia and then finally is the problem with mathematics that is referred to as dyscalculia. A parent whose child is suffering from these symptomsmust be properly aware of these neurological disorders so as to provide the child with a proper treatment plan.

The NeuroSolution Clinic offers elaborate treatment plans that will substantially reduce the problems related to these three crucial issues. There are extensive and comprehensive assessment plans and dialysis that takes place to completely understand the problem area and come up with effective solutions that can be attached to it.

Medical tutoring services

Other several types of psychological problems are also dealt with such as depression, anxiety, child psychology, family therapy and counselling sessions and many more related medical services. Furthermore going into the issue of dyslexia, this unique clinic offers services when it comes to tutoring the children when it comes to organising and preparing homework, examinations and providing help with a general structure how to study. This helps the children greatly and makes them more confident and attentive than before. Moreover these tutorials allow children to understand their strength so as to be able to focus on them and at the same time to keep a check on the weaker points.

Post diagnosis and treatment follow ups are also provided so that the patient can get a wholesome treatment experience and handle similar medical problems in the near future. One ofthe main reasons as to why NeuroSolution Clinic is different from the rest is because it combines the science neurology and psychology and tries to understand the root cause of the problems and not have a superficial dialysis.

When it comes to neurological problems, this clinic is one ofthe best places in Montreal, and it will get you aproper medical assessment and treatment plan along with family sessions to make the members aware of the disorder and behave in conformity to the patients well being and comfort.

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