How to Buy and Use Maple Syrup

Published On April 11, 2016 | By Arag Woody | Health

For you to get all of the advantages of maple syrup nutrition, you will need to be really cautious to purchase the right kind. A number of maple syrups sold in local stores are merely fake products, or maple syrup “flavored” carbs that are extremely modified. Examine properly the component brand to ensure that pure maple syrup is the only (or primary) component, not cane/beet sugar or fructose fake syrup. It’s also good to buy pure maple syrup whenever possible from a store like Maple Syrup Direct online, which guarantees the plants weren’t given any substances.

All kinds of pure maple syrup is either categorized as “grade A” or “grade B.” Both quality A and quality B maple syrups can be good choices, as long as they are pure and 100 % free of additives, synthetic colors and flavors. The greatest difference is that quality B syrups are deeper in color and more concentrated, so they’re usually used to cook with instead of drizzling onto foods. Some studies also shows that high grade B syrup tends to be better in antioxidants that grade A.

Most maple syrups bought in stores are of grade A, the less heavy kind used to make hotcakes. There are also several different kinds of syrups, which variety in color from white to black ruby. The deeper the syrup, the later it was collected and the stronger the flavor will be.

When using maple syrup in place of sugar in cooked foods, substitute the normal sugar with the same amount of maple syrup but slow the rate of fluid the formula needs for about an a half-cup. This will provide you enough of a lovely flavor without adding too much moisture and reducing the feel you’re looking for. In smoothies, treatments or other fluids, you can basically substitute sugar or agave nectar with maple syrup instead.

Concerns with Consuming Maple Syrup

Like previously mentioned, maple syrup can be a good organic sweetener choice when the volume is kept little, consumed in mixture with other foods. While pure maple syrup does comprise some nutritional value and advantages over white sugar, it doesn’t provide a very high levels of organic vitamins compared to other whole foods.

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