The Benefits of LifeForce Homeopathy Treatment for Utricaria

Published On November 29, 2015 | By Arag Woody | Health

Homeopathy offers research proven and effective urticaria treatment for both Chronic and Recurrent Urticaria. Patients with chronic urticaria have been mostly at the mercy of lifelong use of cortisone or antihistamine medicines by regular doctors. Once you start consuming antihistamine medicines, it would become next to impossible to stop it, even for a few days. You would require a treatment that is more than mere antihistamines. You would need homeopathy.

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LifeForce Homeopathy Treatment

Our homeopathic treatment for both chronic and recurrent Urticaria has been promising. It has been highly advanced and more scientific, as it has not been aimed at relieving the symptoms, but treating the disease at immunological level. The treatment has been designed to address the correction of immune system, which in turn would treat Urticaria from inside.

Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D. has done intrinsic research on Chronic Urticaria for more than 25 years. His experience in research based molecules has been pending for international patent. His unique treatment protocol has been made available to various patients of Urticaria all over the world. At this stage, there have been patients from more than 127 countries under the care of Dr Shah. It is nothing less than being a world record.

LifeForce Homeopathy Treatment

Duration of Urticaria Treatment

The total length of treatment would vary from case to case. It would depend on factors such as duration of Urticaria, allergic or non-allergic nature, extent of spread (severe, moderate or mild) and past and continuing medicines such as antihistamines or cortisone. However, cases with seldom attacks of Angioedema would be more difficult to treat.

General health and associated diseases

You might expect a definite change in chronic cases in about one to three months. Acute cases would generally show results in hours. The total length of medication for Chronic Urticaria might be anything between four to eight months.

Chronic Urticaria

Why TimeForce homeopathy for Urticaria?

The primary benefits of homeopathy could be summarized as under:

  • We provide superb treatment with a success rate of over 80 to 85%.
  • We provide immuno-correction, hence offers deep-level healing.
  • We provide long-lasting cure rather than temporary relief.
  • Our treatment is absolutely harmless, non-toxic and safe.

homeopathy for Urticaria

As said earlier, urticaria is nothing but an external expression of internal, immunological disturbance. We often imply that the treatment of urticaria should be based on the inner level consideration. It cannot be a symptomatic eradication of the urticaria rash. Our homeopathic treatment has been based exactly on this philosophy.

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