Top 4 Benefits of Muay Thai

Published On June 23, 2016 | By Arag Woody | Health

Over the past few years muay thai has really grown in popularity.  Sure, Hollywood’s acceptance of this martial art as a relevant form for blockbuster films—and thanks to exquisite martial arts actors like Steven Seagal, Jet Li, and more recently Tony Jaa—continues to grow, but it might also be that those looking to get a good workout may have found this a more interesting—and maybe a more beneficial—form for them.

Here are 4 major benefits of practicing Academie Frontenac Muay Thai Montreal, also known as Thai Boxing.


Because Muay Thai/Thai Boxing is based on traditional boxing—and because it is a martial art—the first benefit you will get from training in muay thai (or any martial art, really) is cardiovascular conditioning.   But because muay thai is both aerobic and anaerobic this particular martial art exerts great—but healthy—stress on your entire cardiopulmonary systems.  Over time, of course, you can increase both strength and endurance of those systems.


Every form of boxing improves core strength.  While many people think of the “core” as the abdominal muscles, the “core” actually consists of the abdominal muscle groups as well as the lower back and the pectorals (chest).  By practicing Muay Thai you will, undoubtedly, strengthen these muscle groups and that will improve strength all over. These muscles also support every other muscle group, so you’ll find that the more you practice the art, the easier it will be to commit to striking attacks (not that you’ll ever necessarily need to).  This gives you more overall endurance in your arms and legs.


Speaking of arms and legs, muay thai focuses widely on leg strikes and blocking with the leg.  This means that the legs become very strong.  The legs, of course, support the hips and the core so strong legs improve overall endurance for the rest of the body.  And along with developing strong legs, you will also develop improved hip mobility since you will be doing a lot of turning into your kicks.


Martial arts are great for stress relief not just because of the aggressive striking but also because you learn to focus and channel energy into combat.  You will also find that you can’t bother thinking about your life stresses while in practice. Through both preparation and exhibition, martial arts like muay Thai is good for psychological and emotional health too.

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